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Island of Swimming Pigs?

Swim with the pigs BahamasYes! Many people have asked about the island of swimming pigs in the Bahamas. This is in fact a place that exists!

The pigs live on Big Major Cay one of the 365 islands that make up Exuma; a district in the Bahamas. The island (also known as Pig Beach) is 82 miles from Nassau and 50 miles from Georgetown.

The island is only inhabited by these pigs which were left behind back in the 1990s when a pig farm was supposed to be established (and then abandoned) by a group of businessmen.

You can charter to the area and swim with the pigs year-round although during hurricane season (June-November) if there is any threat to the island a local tour group will take them to shelter.

Whether you want to swim with the pigs or just cruise by and view the island, it may be worth a day trip to this area of the Bahamas on your charter vacation!