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Snorkel in Paradise! the Bahamas

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There are so many great places places to go snorkeling in the Islands of the Bahamas.  The Abacos, with its shallow reef structures and schools of shark.  The Andros offer shallow reefs, a deep blue wall and inland blue holes.  The Exumas has a combination of both dense shallow reefs and blue holes, even a natural preserve SeaPark full of colorful fish to see at the Thunderball, a hollowed out island where the fish eat right out of your hand.  You can reach all these destinations on board one of our luxury sailing catamarans or motor yachts. Call to reserve one today!

Bahamas Yacht Rentals

Let’s have some fun, charter a luxury yacht and cruise the Bahamas!

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LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! this is our most popular motor yacht. It boasts the most water toys of any luxury yacht rental in the Bahamas! Floating Island, water trampoline, water treadmill, banana boat, sea scooters, snorkeling gear, paddleboards, kayaks, floating toys and (optional) wave runners plus a 24ft tender! Make your charter on the water a ton of fun!!! luxury yacht rental bahamas

Charter your own private yacht and go island hopping, the Bahamas are waiting for you!

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Do you dream of a Bahamas vacation on your own private yacht, cruising from secluded island to island, seeing beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters? We’re hear to help you make that dream come true.  Let one of our luxury yachts transport you to a peaceful paradise.  Bahamas is filled with many islands each distinct in its own way.  The main islands of Albaco, Exuma and Nassau are full of rich history, shopping and entertainment.  When you want privacy, visit any of the outer islands.  The outer islands are known for their  private beaches, sunbathing and snorkeling.

Talk to one of our charter specialists to plan the your dream vacation in the Bahamas!

Bahamas yacht charters

Charter Your Own Yacht and Cruise the Bahamas in Style!

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Cruise the Bahamas on your own private yacht charters.  A luxury yacht or catamaran will take you to the many beautiful islands in the Bahamas.  They have gorgeous beaches and warm shallow waters, and lots of privacy.   A yacht itinerary can be developed to meet virtually every need.  Visit a deserted island, swimming and snorkeling inside the barrier reef , its a tropical paradise!

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Explore the beautiful islands of the Bahamas!

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Explore the beautiful islands of the Bahamas by boat!  Charter your own private yacht rental and cruise the out islands.  The islands are quiet and very relaxing.  Drop anchor and leave the stresses of the world away. The Bahamas is most sought out destination for travelers seeking an intimate paradise. Select from our numerous yacht charters and climb aboard, your oasis awaits you!

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Don’t have a yacht? Schedule one with us and embark on your journey around the Bahamas

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Don’t have a yacht? No worries. Just schedule a yacht charter and embark on a journey around our islands. Nassau & Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island are great places to start. The Abacos have been The Bahamas’ boating capital since the colonial times and offer many one-of-a-kind cruising experiences. Our itineraries can be developed to meet virtually every need. They will involve visiting deserted islands, plenty of swimming and snorkeling on secluded beaches, and stops in modern ports such as Nassau that offer the guests everything they could want ashore – shopping, great dining, spas, entertainment and sunset bar. Schedule with us today!

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Need a Getaway? Relax in the Bahamas Aboard a Luxury Yacht!

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The perfect getaway is in the Bahamas.  Charter one of our luxury yachts and cruise the islands.  The Bahamas archipeligo has more than 700 islands, bordered by one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, providing safe cruising areas and unlimited diving possibilities. The weather is always nice and the beaches secluded.  So much to do on the main islands, shopping, restaurants and world class golf courses.  Come relax and getaway in the ultimate vacation escape.

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5 Questions to Ask When Chartering a Yacht in the Bahamas

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Your Yacht Charter broker is the key go-to person when chartering a yacht. She should be able to provide not only quality photos, details and rates, but also answer the top 5 questions that you should ask in order to make your Yacht Charter experience memorable and hassle-free.

1. Location, Location, Location

Where is the home base for the yacht? What key amenities – such as an International Airport- does the location provide? If you wish to embark and/or disembark at another port will there be delivery fees involved? Are airport transfers or services provided to and from the Yacht?

Having this information at hand before you book costly flights and make other travel arrangements can make the difference between smooth sailing and being stranded.

2. What’s Included in the Rate?

Various Charter Terms apply to various Bahamas  Yachts and even various locations for the same yacht. Some offer a base rate for the Yacht with Crew, while other expenses are added to the base rate (known as Advance Provisioning Allowance or APA). Others offer All – Inclusive rates – with food, beverage, fuel etc included but may exclude Fine Wines, champagnes, specialty foods and dockage at marinas. Most Yacht Charters do not include gratuity for the crew, but the amount of that gratuity can vary vastly depending on the location and other factors.

Having this information spelled out clearly in advance can help you save any unpleasant surprises.

3. Who’s the Crew?

The best charter experience comes from having a quality yacht with a great crew. The most beautiful Yacht in the world won’t compensate for an unprofessional or inexperienced crew. Ask about the Crew that will be aboard for your charter (keeping in mind that crew changes do, occasionally, happen) How many crew will be aboard? Is the Chef of high caliber and able to prepare the type of meals you will expect? How long has the Captain been with the Yacht and what is the level of his experience ? If activities such as fishing or family outings are important to you, does the crew have fishing experience and deal well with children? And, most importantly, will you be able to speak directly to the crew prior to your charter to discuss menus, itineraries and other matters that are of importance to you? A truly great crew is one that is professional, can handle unforeseen circumstances such as weather and mechanical issues with ease, and puts the guest experience aboard above and beyond their own needs or agendas.

4. What is the Refund Policy?

Things happen. Flights get delayed or canceled, hurricanes and other weather incidents arise, someone may have a death or illness in the family. If these circumstances arise, know up front what the policy of the yacht is in regards to refunds and rescheduling. Again, this varies widely from yacht to yacht, so make sure you read and understand clearly the refund policy and other pertinent clauses in the charter agreement – before signing and making a deposit.

5. Its all in the Details

Make sure you are provided with an up to date list of amenities and equipment aboard the yacht before making your decision . For example, Wifi is something most people take for granted these days, but in remote locations it may not be available or always available aboard your yacht. The same goes for phone communications. Some yachts provide a listing of water toys such as waverunners and jet skis, but you may be limited to where you are able to use them – places such as anchorages and marine parks can be off limits. At times, the listing of a Yacht’s equipment may change and be outdated, make sure what is included is spelled out up front, preferably in the Charter Agreement, so that all parties are on the same page and there are no unexpected surprises.

By asking these top 5 questions of your Charter Broker when considering a Yacht to charter you will maximize your Yacht Charter experience before even stepping aboard.